Affection and Appreciation


Self reminder:

I overheard this during my brunch.
There was one family consists of a young boy, his mom, dad, and auntie sitting in front of my table. It seemed that they haven’t seen each other for a long time. I heard them talking about the trip of three of them abroad (the boy, mom, and dad).

Auntie: it’s been a while not to see you. Come here and give me a hug.
Boy: yes auntie, I missed you.

And the boy walked round the table and gave his auntie a hug.

Mom: hey, Sister. I have something for you. We were in Japan for a few days and I’ve found this pants for you.

Mom gave her sister a goodie bag from Japan with uniqlo brand (My fav brand). Auntie opened the goodie bag and found the pants with flower design.

Auntie: oh so nice.. I like it.
Mom: it’s stretchy, I’m sure it fits you.
Auntie: thank you.

And they started talking about everything that happened during the trip. They seemed so happy and no one looked busy with gadget, unless when they want to show them pictures.

And I liked the way they show the affection and appreciation to each other.

Respect in this case is when they didn’t show the outrageous thing. The pants that mom gave to auntie is from Uniqlo, which we can easily find everywhere in this town. Instead of saying “Oh it’s Uniqlo, I can find it here by myself”, Auntie said her thanks right away and seemed so excited to hear about their trip.

It could be so outrageous if Auntie said that she can find it here by herself. That sentence would hurt her sister who brought that. And that is what I sometimes hear from people who receive souvenirs from their relatives. Yes they say “thank you”, but they also said “I can find it by myself”. Don’t they think that it is so mean and less appreciative?

Words can be so outrageous, so please mind our words. ‪#‎selfreminder‬

-Wira Asmo-


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