SEO Friendly is a MUST!!

When you think your content is cool, then you must think about the next level of your content, SEO. (See here for detailed definition of Search Engine Optimization).

Here we go with the On-Page requirements of SEO friendly content:

  1. Content contains at least 500 words of relevant and fresh content. Strictly no copy-paste! You can use site, such as to check copies of your content.
  2. And for sure have to be free of misspellings and away from poor grammar.

    Harry Potter won’t be a great wizard if he miss the spells.

  3. Include your target keyword in the following:

    Title – Sub headline – Body Copy – Images Captions

  4. Repeat your target keyword 3 – 10 times within body copy, depending on the length of your content. Don’t be too much aggressive! The maximum target keyword density is 2.5%. Excessive keyword will make Google downgrading you to spam.
  5. Put relevant images and include your target keyword within the captions. (See note #3!)

  6. You don’t need to be Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, or Barrack Obama, but make sure your content is inspiring and informational so readers have willingness to share and repost. Social media sites is the great place to expand your reach.


    You may use “5 Simple Questions Rule”:

    • What does my audience like?
    • What do they love?
    • What annoys or angers them?
    • What fires them up, inspires them?
    • How can I nurture my readers’ needs, solve their problems, and show them I care?
  7. Your content will be better if it makes your reader participate in a discussion and/or review within the page. The interaction they made will make your page more dynamic and better than a static page.

    Try to avoid the SEO trends, and instead prioritize the tasks that will bring lasting value. – Maile Ohye


– Wirawan // a repost from

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