My Drunken Story – Bangkok 2015

Drunken Story - Songkran in Bangkok 2015 - wiraasmo
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I don’t go traveling just to get drunk! Really!
Jadi di tahun 2015 itu gue sama temen gue, Ali, janjian untuk ketemuan ketika Songkran di Bangkok. Kita gak janjian secara detail. Ya emang bukan ngerencanain trip bareng sih, hanya janjian mau ketemuan. That’s it.

So there, we finally met in Bangkok on Songkran Days. On the first day, Ali invited me to one of the bars in Silom Street. Everything was alright until those shots of tequila hit me.

Under the Table at the Bar

I have an unfinished story with one of my friends, Rudy. He was in Bangkok also at that time. He stayed with Ali at the same hotel.

I forget who started the fight; most probably I was the one—LoL—, we talked about our unfinished story and things, and he acted like a bossy older brother, like he had always been to us which we love and hate at the same time. I can’t remember what exactly we talked about, but out of nowhere I slapped and punched him on his face.

And I blacked out.

I woke up and I found myself sitting under the table in a bar. Everything was clean, but my clothes was a bit wet like everyone’s. Hey it’s Songkran.

The Dj said hi and smiled at me. I was confused.

According to Ali & Rudy. I was drunk, slept, and puked on the floor, under the table. 

Street Side Stairs

I saw Rudy came back from the street. We we’re fine after our fight. Maybe because I was too tired of talking. I sshhh him when he was about to open his mouth. I didn’t want to have another trash conversation that lead us to another argument. But Rudy kept saying things I didn’t want to listen to.

Until I asked him, “are you done with all words you’re saying?”

Without wanting to hear his answer, I left him and everyone. I walked to what I knew led to my hotel.

I don’t know how it happened, suddenly I woke up, found myself wet, in the middle of the night, on the street side stairs below a BTS station. It was super quiet and I had enough time to observe where was I. I didn’t recognise the place.

DAMNED!! I lost my phone, my money, and my hotel key. I felt dumb. 

After a few minutes I could hear some noisy motorbikes coming, I tried to stand up and ran to the middle of the street to stop them. And they stopped the motorbikes. They’re a bunch of teenagers without helmets.

“DOES ANYONE HERE SPEAK ENGLISH??” I shouted to level my voice with the motorbikes’ noise.

Taiwanese Jogger

They were looking at each other. What I could get was the gesture of “what’s wrong with this guy, he’s drunk, ignore him, let’s leave him alone, and things similar”. It makes sense because they really ignored me and left me alone.

Good thing there was a jogger. Yes, a jogger in the middle of the night. He approached me and nicely asked me what happened and what I need.

I told him I was drunk and needed to get back to my hotel. We traded a little information about each other, so that he understood the reason I don’t speak Thai although I have native look.

He told me that he’s Taiwanese and he was there for vacation. His hotel is beside my hotel.

“So if you could catch up, you can just follow me to get back to your hotel. It’s only one block away from here,” he offered me a help.

I had no option but to follow him. He didn’t stop running. He was helping me but I ran out of breathe and still under influence of alcohol. How could I catch up with his speed. SHIT!!

He skipped the crossing bridge several times. While I didn’t want to get hit by any vehicles so I climbed up and down the bridge. STUPID but very preventive but stupid.

Until I saw my building, I didn’t slow down my pace. Yes it’s only one block away but very far, like almost 2 kilometers.

He stopped by a bit in front of his hotel and waited for me.

“That’s your hotel,” he pointed my hotel.

“Okay, thank you,” I was puffed. He left me and entered his hotel while I still had to think how to enter my bedroom.

Other than my drunk and wasted story, we had fun. Everyone went out to play all over places around the bar and kept coming back to reload their water gun and take some shots and food.

In the next day, we talked about few things and what happened on the first day with the conclusion that the unfinished business in the past is done, not to be forgotten but to be laughed at.

PS: I found Rudy sleeping on the couch in my hotel lobby with all my stuff so I could enter the bedroom.


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