I Got My Hot Star Chicken in Shilin Night Market (士林 市场)

My 小吃 small meal trip in Taipei ended in Shilin Night Market (士林 市场).

My my my …

I can’t get enough of my Taiwan trip. It was short yet satisfying, especially for my tummy.

Previously I posted about my michelin star breakfast and Raohe Street Night Market excursion. Nowwwwwwww I have something that is worth sharing.

Let’s go!

After you cross the main street from Jiantan Station, you will find a loooooooong queue for the Fried Chicken Cutlet. It’s worth trying, I guess. But did I try it? No I didn’t — hehehe — because my eyes were more attracted to the food stall next to it. It’s a stinky tofu stall.

I was like, “no I don’t want to really follow what all the influencers or YouTubers say on their posts. Let’s just get my taiwanese tahu sumedang instead.” Haha.. (Why do I call stinky tofu as tahu sumedang, you can find it here.)

So my friend and I bought (again) stinky tofu again here. The difference between the stinky tofu we bought here with the one we bought in Raohe Street Night Market is the cut and the sauce. In Shilin Night Market we had tofu with (big) dice cut and chili sauce combined with soy nut. Other than that, the taste is quite the same with the same type of vegetables on top of it. YUMMY!!

We walked along Jihe Road while we were enjoying our hot stinky tofu until we arrived at the “real” main entrance of Shilin Night Market. This is where you can find Underground food court Shilin Market.

If you are familiar with Hot Star Chicken brand, you can find that chicken cutlet brand stall just a few meters from the main entrance.

By spending TWD 70, we were able to enjoy the very big cut of chicken cutlet. I had no idea what items other than the chicken cutlet itself to buy in Hot Star Chicken stall although they have several items on their menu. (Check the food on the picture below)

Hot Star Chicken Cutlet Menu - Shilin Night Market
Hot Star Chicken Cutlet Menu – Shilin Night Market (this pic was taken from google, my picture wasn’t clear enough ~ sowwy)

Like other famous food stall in Taipei, this Hot Star Chicken also has a long queue. Even though it has a long queue, everyone seemingly knows what they want and it makes the long queue move very quick. We were only needd to queue for less than 15 minutes before we took our order.

We were queuing only for ordering and paying our food. After paying our order they gave us the receipt with the number on it. Once the number was displayed on the screen, we picked up our hot (literally HOT) chicken.

Yes, the chicken was very big, as you can see on the picture below. It was slightly bigger than my face.

Hot Star Chicken in Shilin Night Market
Hot Star Chicken in Shilin Night Market

The taste of this chicken cutlet was good, especially when mixed with spicy powder. However, the flour itself wasn’t sticky enough to the chicken. At one point, we even had to eat the chicken without the crispy flour, and vice versa, because the chicken kept separating from the flour.

It’s Grilled Penises! NO! It’s King Oyster Mushrooms

I don’t know why I have to go through with (and write) this.

When I posted these mushroom pictures on Instagram, some of my friends were thinking (joking) that I was eating grilled penis. Hahaha I never thought it would spark the opinion that I was ordering and eating penises.

Grilled King Oyster Mushroom in Shilin Night Market
Not Penis, but Grilled King Oyster Mushroom in Shilin Night Market

The mushroom I posted was actually Grilled King Oyster Mushroom. So it was not as what my friends were thinking.

If I’m not mistaken, the price starts from NTD 100 per serving.

The Grilled King Oyster Mushroom was grilled with oil (probably) and sauce. Before he (the seller) served it, he removed the black part. It was chopped into smaller pieces and served in a small box. I asked him to add more salt and pepper on top of it.

The taste was okay and not bad. I mean I don’t go Taipei often so the food I rarely find in the Philippines or Indonesia is worth trying.

How to Go to Shilin Night Market (士林 市场)

Address: Shilin Night Market, 111, Taiwan, Taipei City, Shilin District, Jihe Road, 1號 No. 7

Opening Hours: (according to Google) 6pm – 11pm.

By MRT: take the RedLine (Tamsui-Xinyi Line), get off in Jiantan Station, and take Exit 1. Upon exit you just need to cross the street (there’s a big intersection) and you can cross the street diagonally straight to the long queue of the chicken cutlet.


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