SM Drive-in Cinema Experience in Manila

I missed the feeling of having movie on the big screen.

On October 1st, 2020, my friend and I planned to go to a newly built SM Drive-in Cinema in Mall of Asia, Manila. This would be our very first experience for this kind of cinema. Also, this would be our first time having a movie on a big screen in over 6 months. 

The moment I heard about this drive-in cinema, I felt like in the Footloose music video by Blake Shelton. Haha I know it’s too much knowing the fact we couldn’t get off of the car at all due to coronavirus pandemic.

We set up the schedule to watch the movie on Thursday, the following week, Oct 8th, 2020. Our movie was Train to Busan 2. We had limited options for the movie and the schedule. There were only two movies scheduled to play for 4 days opening of the cinema on that week, from Wednesday to Sunday. They only have one screening schedule on each night at 6.45 pm. Pre-booked ticket for SM Drive-in Cinema can only be bought online through SM Tickets website. 

You guys have some options for the tickets which will determine your parking position in the cinema. It’s based on type of your car and number of people inside.

Sm Drive-in Cinema Tickets Price
Sm Drive-in Cinema Ticket Price (source:

SM Drive-in Cinema Seat Plan
SM Drive-in Cinema Seat Plan (source:


The ticket price is P 400 / person with capacity of up to 4  in a car and  includes a hotdog sandwich, popcorn, and bottled water for each person.


SM Drive-in Cinema Ticket
SM Drive-in Cinema Ticket


Popcorn is included in the ticket price
Popcorn is included in the ticket price


The night for screening came, we entered the location through entrance in Bayshore Ave. The screening for the visitor had the same standard like when we enter other buildings. Upon entering the cinema the attendants checked our tickets, our body temperature, showed us the printed drive-in cinema guidelines, gave us the snack, and guided us to our parking slot.

Note: only those who are between 21 – 59 years old are allowed to enter the premises. Other safety guideline standards from IATF Philippines applied. You are only allowed to get off of the car for toilet use or emergency.

Entering the Drive-in Cinema
Entering the Drive-in Cinema


We tuned in the car radio to the FM frequency mentioned by the attendant for the movie audio. During the show, we are permitted to turn on car engine for air-conditioning every 20 minutes for 10 minutes. But we kept our car engine running throughout the movie because we need the audio, unless if it’s a silent movie. 

Good thing the weather was fine at that time, otherwise we need to rebook which was not possible because that was my last week in the Philippines prior my departure to Indonesia for good.

The experience is worth to repeat. My friend and I agree that we recommend 2 people only in a car for the best view.



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